Loneliness Of The Heart


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She is surrounded by many, a village full of colorful souls, yet they can’t encompass the loneliness of her heart. They are part of one creation and yet the differences between them surpasses the sky. As if they are of two different kinds, moving an opposite direction. They ask; ”in which path lies the truth, towards the west or the east?”, but no one knows, not even her.

She follows His light, they follow the glitters and glamour of this life. She pursue enlightenment and they respectable titles. It is their perception that creates alienation amongst one another, that separates the hearts from each other and creates a wall between souls around the Globe.

And so as time went by, her books became her companions’ speaking through written letters words of wisdom conveyed by masters once hidden in this Universe. To be her rock in difficult times, to soften her heart with their gentle light as they speak to her words of kindness and love, while instilling courage within her heart.

One night when difficulties appeared, her body trembled as she sat down next to the lake. The moonlight was shining upon her as she complained; I followed your path of enlightenment in pursuit of Your Light. As I reached out for your love, I was surrounded by your Divinity. My selfish love for this world perished in your presence. It was You who instilled Your Traits within my soul, and so compassion and respect became the force of my life.

A spiritual journey so magical, an inner world I thought was so beautiful, then how come this path is inflicting hardship and difficulties upon my heart? To follow this path has became solely a lonely journey. To be with many and yet alone as lack of understanding divides our love.

Here I am at the end of my road, while my eyes are searching for Your light. I have lost my strength, I have lost the force of my soul, as the light overshadowed by darkness weakened my ability to see. I call upon You, please reach out to me.

Weakened by anxiety and haunted by alienation and many fears, her soul conveyed her feelings to the world through her tears. Her eyelids slowly closed as she fell asleep,  travelling to the land of the unseen, a lady dressed in a beautiful white silken garment appeared.

My dearest one, please hold my hand, travel with me so you may comprehend the wisdom behind your grief. Allow me to take you through the world of mankind, from the beginning to the end of times.

While they grew up they were taught to master the skills of life and so their eyes became caught up in this worldly life. Pursuing their desires for silver and gold, dreaming dreams of recognition, status and more. And so they continued to draw their own perfect lives in a world that will only last for a while.

It is due to these very desires my dearest one, that causes one’s  heart to blacken. Creating a shell as hard as a rock formed by impurities filled with greed and desires that cover the beauty of one’s soul, shielding the eyes from sight and wisdom.

And so we send to you trials and tribulations, to cause the shell around your heart to break. These difficult times, might appear as injustice, but it is due to them that your heart and soul are slowly purified and enlightened, so why aren’t you grateful? A breaking heart creates an  entrance for His divine light, to light up the path that leads to serenity and tranquility. Isn’t that what you seek? Don’t you wish to learn more and depict the hidden stories of your heart, filled with priceless gems and wisdom the blind cannot see?

If one wishes to reveal the secrets hidden deep down in the most cherished caves, then break the shell around it! Be grateful for your trials and tribulations, as it is from those that you learn and grow. Don’t be amongst the followers of the blind, don’t seek worldly gain, lower your eyes and seek within. Verily, it might feel as if you are alone, but don’t forget there is an entire world present within your soul, ready for you to explore.

My dearest one, in this life nothing is as it seems, His love for all His creations is beyond your minds. Seek to understand and run towards His light. As for the loneliness that captured your soul, re- open the eyes of your inner self and you will see his signs that filled your heart, ready to comfort you, ready to teach you, ready to hold your hand while crossing through the deserted lands in pursuit of eternal life.

With my love and light, 



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