A Letter To My Inner Child


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When it feels difficult to do good things, remember to seek the three-year-old within that Birdsnest. Give yourself the gift of hearing thoughts from a time before condition was deeply embedded. (Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)[1]

As time quickly passed by, I slowly lost touch with you – my three-year-old innocent self. I choose the worldly world above you. A world that told me to be serious and work hard to attain worldly matters. A world where innocence and kindness had no place and were perceived as naïve. Moreover, a world that in pursuit of my outer goals brought me further away from you. I didn’t realise I was so caught up in the ego’s trap – swirling away in the mind’s game. The ego’s trap made me face many storms filled with emotions I couldn’t comprehend and struggled against, praying for them to vanish; little did I know that I was fighting against His grace and blessings. If you were there you would have told me to dance in the rain and embrace its magic. Without you, I lost track of reality and found myself holding on to illusions. How could I have gone so far? Why did I leave you behind? When the world told me to grow up, I thought my journey was meant to go on without you and thus I choose the ego. The ego who is meant to be the self’s servant, suddenly became my master. And so I followed it throughout the worldly realms, surpassing its glitter and glam, through light and darkness, sunshine and rain. And as I allowed the ego to keep accumulating worldly matters, burdens upon burdens were thrown on my shoulders, leaving me weary and tired behind.

However, as times changed, His grace and blessings rained upon me in abundance, showing me the right path – a path that eventually encouraged me to reach out to you. So here I am again, waiting to embrace you, waiting to embrace the three-year old with in me. Thus, requesting you, would you like to hold my hand again and walk this journey with me?

Please hold my hand, so I may perceive life through your light again; to see good in all and to reach out to all of humanity with self-less love and no expectations nor demands. To regain that innocence in my eyes, twinkling eyes purified from all worldly desires and needs. To embrace the diversity and differences in all of humanity, while witnessing its beauty and uniqueness.

Please walk with me so I may dance carefree on His Divine Melody, without the ego holding me back, wondering what others might think. So I may dive into His ocean and walk around confident on His land, without fearing their judging eyes. To be able to look past their Egos and only witness their divinity! And to bravely explore new lands and cross unknown oceans, knowing that He will always be there, just like you trusted our Mother unconditionally. May I drop the ego’s fears of judgement, humiliation and much more. May I let go of the illusionary burdens and freely swirl in His world, embrace the beautiful sky and capture every moment of the glorious sun rising in the morning and dancing stars of the magical nights. Oh how beautiful is the world through your eyes! How magnificent and magical is this journey with you by my side! Please help me to let go of the barriers that I created, the barriers that were standing between our hearts: the barriers that were created out of ignorance and based on misunderstandings. May I be as free as you are, so that the heart can be completely open again: to freely receive and give selfless love, while emptying itself from all that it collected without you, in darkness. Verily, you are the light that shines through my eyes, May I never leave you again, may I never fail to understand the beauty and purity that resides with you. Only then I will be able to merge with all ‘that IS’ and become One with Him.

With my love,


[1] Stop The Excuses! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, p.30-31. The Birdsnest story is about a monk who used to meditate day and night in a tree. Many people used to come to him for advice or to listen to his wisdom. One day a governor came and asked him what all the wise have taught. The monk replied and said: ‘’don’t do bad things, only do good things’’. Upon hearing his answer, the governor got annoyed and said that he knew that since he was three years old. The monk replied with a smile, ‘’Yes, the three year-old- knows it, but the eighty-year-old still find it very difficult to do!’


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