On My Way Home

On my way home..Screenshot_2014-08-21-15-28-39-1 as I travel towards His light – My Beloved ‘s home, my destination remains unknown. Today is all I have, while tomorrow is a beautiful secret. All I know is that His loving light is guiding me from place to place, as I gracefully flow wherever He wishes to take me. It is truly His grace that I am able to travel in His majestic Kingdom, and such grace to feel His mercy and love shower upon me which each step I take, while His protecting hand never leaves me, not even for a second. Such is His grace, such is His grace! Alhamdu’lillah. While walking towards my new destination, I can’t help but praise Him over and over and thank Him endlessly: for His mercy and blessings are truly beyond my mind. As I step into a brand new chapter and enter a beautiful pure and perfect now, I pray to Him, His angels and all the divine beings He sent forth, that they may guide me with each and every step I take. Praying that His presence may never leave me and may He continue to help me purify myself and help me to surrender so that one day, in-sha’Allah I may merge with His light and vanish in His divine ocean.

Ya Allah the most Merciful, the Most Kind… Dearest Divine light, the creator of all of humanity. With uttermost gratitude I thank You for all you have bestowed upon me. For the many trials and tribulations that were for my highest good.. To remove the barriers that were blocking my heart from reaching You. Ya Khuda, my Beloved and Loving Light, I ask from You please never leave my side. As I open my hands to receive Your grace and divine light, I am thankful for blessing me with that which has completed my soul, and filled my heart with immense love and light. May we always be Your tool and serve in whatever way You wish us to serve. In-sha’Allah ameen

With my love and light,
Shaidi UA


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