Goodbye with Love


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Standing between her past and present, she is restlessly walking around, back and forth holding on vastly to both ends. The memories and old grievances are weighing heavily upon her shoulder, like chains attached to her path she left behind. The endless tears, the broken pieces of her heart and painful memories, when will she walk away from yesterday? It is time my dear sister, time to let go and say goodbye. It is time to forgive and let go with love, as a new phase is waiting for you behind the door, ready to fill your heart with His light and kindle the fire of Universal love deep down inside.

Deep within her heart she knows this is right and yet this very thought stings her heart and confuses her mind. Which way was she meant to go, the obviously known past or the unknown future that lies ahead? My dear sister, you must let go of the old with love, to be free from all malice and grief. So the new may enter your precious life and take the darkness from our nights. So what are you waiting for? Why do you choose to hold on to the past and allow the ‘new’ to wait outside in the piercing cold? Say goodbye to what is gone, after all, how long can one watch the ‘past walk away’ and shed thy tears while it is slowly vanishing out of sight, how long will you struggle to hold on to yesterday’s leftovers and remaining memories. The empty cups, the food wrappers, the trails and every other little bit.

And they say my dear sister: “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” ~ Helen Keller

So look beyond and reach past the darkness of the night, ahead is your path towards the Eternal Light. Tomorrow’s gift is behind that door, are you not you curious to see what life ahead has in store? As she walks towards the door ahead, she asks herself: but what about what I have lost? What about the trials and tribulations, whom left their trails upon my soul, the marks of grief and what about the voiceless tears screaming for justice in silence? And they say: my dear sister, do not forget this journey is not of solely joy and fulfilling of thy desires. Your trials and tribulations are filled with gems of wisdom, while the heartache causes the shell to break around thy heart, so His light may enter and light up the darkness of thy eyes.

“This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, Some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice. Meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whatever comes, because, each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ~  Rumi

So clear your house from old memories and wave them goodbye with love and appreciation for all they have added to your soul, while getting ready to welcome tomorrow. Where a new guest will enter, carrying a breeze of freshness, light, wisdom and brand new opportunities, ready to take you a step further and join you for a few magical moments on your inner journey. Thus, thank your past for their presence, while conveying a few lessons, through trials and tribulations. Thank them for each and every emotion, every moment and every difficulty. And for pushing you beyond your barriers, allowing you to rise, for making you grow, for making you think and rise beyond, while directing you one step towards the truth and one step closer to a glimpse the Eternal Light.

Ready to close the door to the past forever, she walks firmly ahead and says: ‘’Thank you! Thank you with love, uttermost respect and deepest gratitude. As I forgive you and bid you Goodbye, our ways separate here and wishing you well on your journey ahead.’’ And so she closes the door to what was once her past and moves towards the door of her new born present, standing there as she open the door, rays of light and the wind calling for a new beginning filled with love and delight, passes her by, swirling into her home, ready to take her on a journey. Welcome dear friend, welcome.

With my love and light,


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