‘’This is it, it has happened. She left us’’. As he steps outside, trembling on his feet he drops himself on the grass. While the tears rolling along his cheeks express his intense grief, his silence speaks a thousand words. Today, his mother left this world.

As he looks around, nothing feels the same anymore. The house looks sad without her presence, and the smiling faces around him faded away. His mother was his guide, his caretaker and his protector, showering him with loads of love and happiness. In his eyes his mother was representing the Mercy of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving, and so she became his only glimpse of Heaven (Jannah).

And they say dear Brother: ‘’Heaven lies under the feet of your Mother’’

Today God’s Mercy and Blessing bestowed upon him for many years returned back to the Almighty. While carrying the heaviness of his mother’s loss in his heart, he had to return what was given to him for a certain time. And they say: ‘’To God we Belong and to Him we shall return’’’

His only glimpse of Heaven had left him, as if his foundation just broke down and the protecting shield surrounding him made by his mother’s love shattered in a million pieces. No longer could he go home after a bad day and listen to the comforting wisdom of his mother, no longer would anyone tell him off when he was wrong, no longer could he just be the child looking up to his mother. No longer would life be the same without his mother.

As he looks up at the sky, rain falls down upon him. Surrounding him with love, comfort, serenity and tranquility. ‘It is He who sends rain after they have lost hope, and spreads His mercy far and wide’’. [42.28]

And the sky replies: ‘’My dear, your mother left this world to enter Heaven (Insha’Allah – Gods Willing). With every step you take, she will look upon you, showering you with her love. And while you walk towards your final destiny, you will carry every little bit of your mother in your heart; her values, wisdom, love and memories. Like a precious gem hidden carefully in your heart, forever to be cherished. Verily, the Blessings and Mercy of God will always remain with you’’.

A few days ago I read a very emotional note, written by a young man who had just lost his mother (may her soul rest in peace, and may she be granted with heaven Insha’Allah-Gods Willing, Ameen). He reminded me of a beautiful Hadith. He said:

‘’They say Jannah (Heaven) lies under your mother’s feet, when we lose this, we lose the small glimpse we have of Jannah (Heaven).’’

Even though this Hadith always taught me the importance of a mother; a graceful lady who guides her children, protects them against the world, and loves them more than anyone else in the world. For the first time I actually seemed to comprehend the deeper meaning of this verse. And perhaps the true meaning will always remain beyond my mind’s reach.

This verse is reminding us all of the importance of a mother. So make sure you always appreciate your mother and be the witness of everything she has ever done for you and you will be the witness of God’s signs; His Mercy, Love and Care. As your mother is His Mercy and His blessings bestowed upon you. May God bless all mothers around the world with lots of love, happiness and strength Ameen.


**Image Obtained via Google Images**

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