My dearest sister,

While a trail of life’s trials and tribulations are left behind upon you, the tears in your eyes are longing for justice, screaming to be heard and praying to be understood. The tired look on your face portrays the challenging hurdles from the past. Those days where your trials and tribulations moved swiftly through the days and nights, like a tropical storm, filling each moment with heavy rain, leaving the heart with immense pain. And yet you move on firmly passing each moment, each day and enter new chapters of life. From being someone’s daughter to becoming someone’s loving wife and God willing a caring mother.

Like many sisters, your sole purpose is to take care of those around you. One might give herself completely to her family life, satisfying every need, every wish and every demand. A responsibility so important, so beautiful and yet if not careful, a responsibility that may cause her to lose connection with her inner voice.

A sense of complete trust, faith in one self is what is missing, while the understanding of your true value is completely underestimated, as some of life’s most difficult trials left you broken in pieces behind.

My dear sister: “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your being.”  ~ Hafiz of Shiraz

And so I pray that one day you will be able to break free from the prison of thy mind. I pray that one day you will be able to see yourself through the eyes of those surrounding you. I pray a day will arrive where you will be standing on the other side and become the witness of thyself, so that you may comprehend your true value. One day you will have faith in yourself and that is when you will say: I BELIEVE.

One day, those grey clouds above you will vanish, allowing the sunrays to shine upon you with all its force, filled with happiness, love and divinity. And that is when you will clearly be able to see your beautiful and amazing self. To be the witness of the immense value trusted upon you in the form of the crown of humanity, a crown that encompasses the world’s most priceless gems and treasures. A crown too heavy to wear when one comprehends its true worth.

And tell me sister, how is it possible to notice a diamond in the darkness of the night? Only when you allow the dark clouds to vanish, your inner diamond will expose itself to you, like stars sparkling so bright. 

So step outside the darkness of the night. To take care of thy family, children and all of humanity is truly life’s most beautiful responsibility. However, only when one is at peace with one self and understands her own value that is when every moment and every minute is spend with intense love and deepest gratitude. A feeling that is consoling to thy soul, comforting to thy mind and heartwarming at all times.

Thus, I pray for you my dear sister, day and night, so that one day you may rise. Rise above the darkness towards the sky and complete yourself with His Light.

I pray that you will comprehend the value bestowed upon you. You are a unique individual, a great inspiration, a perfect example and a love-filled soul. A beautiful being sending her love and light upon others, an amazing lady, striving to encourage those around her. Yet, sadly the love and light that shines from you upon others, fails to reach your inner self.

Never forget how much you are worth and always remember that to someone you are a caring mother, a darling daughter, an amazing friend and a loving wife. And moreover, a true foundation and caretaker of her family, while sending her uttermost love, deepest gratitude and respect to all of mankind.

With my love and prayers,

Your sister


*Image obtained via Google Images.

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