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“Like a Mother who allows her children to play in her lap, she gently took care of their every wish. Her womb was their home and they were flying freely around like butterflies. Initially they kissed her feet and held her hands tightly as they explored the beauty of the home she created for them. They were in awe of her magical treasures and happily swayed along on her songs. Whenever, one of her children was struck by the dance of karma and fell ill – she presented her loving potions which she created in their name. Her medicines were like sweet nectar, derived from the petals of the precious and delicate flowers, aromatic herbs and most of all – her love, light and healing energy.

As time went by, they grew stronger and stronger and more familiar with the way everything worked – and thus they started exploring more and using her treasures to create new things. With every invention their love for things began to grow more and more – and their memory of their mother started to fade away.

They started to snatch her clothes and jewels in order to satisfy their needs – in order to meet their demands and growing wishes – leaving her barren. But still, she didn’t let go of them. Even though they were hurting her every second and trampled on her womb – she would rise every morning and get dressed again – only to be left barren and hurt by night again. They said it was their right, their inheritance. She didn’t say anything – she sealed her lips.

It was her prayer and her devotion to give them everything she has, until her last breath.

She is your mother – Mother Earth. Do you love her as much as she loves you?”


MEC1My personal theme for the month of May is Mother Earth Awareness. I always try to dedicate a certain time/phase or month to something that is coming up a lot. Often it is just something that suddenly has a stronger presence in my life. So this month it will be all about Mother Earth.

So what will I do during Mother Earth May?

For the past few days I have really been thinking about what my own individual impact is on the world and what I can do to improve this. This means that every day, I will keep track of my daily routines and the things that I do – and reflect upon each of my actions, such as the following:

What do I normally eat?  Is what I eat chemical? Does it harm Mother Earth in anyway? If so, how could I reduce it?

Do I produce a lot of waste a day? What kind of waste do I throw away? Is it environmental friendly? Or is it a lot of plastic?

Are the groceries I buy sustainable? Does it contain a lot of plastic? Where does it come from? How does it impact Mother Earth?

What kind of beauty products do I use? Are they chemical or not? Do they harm Mother Earth? Which products could I replace with natural ones?

What kind of cleaning products do I use? Do they harm Mother Earth? Which products could I replace with natural cleaning methods?

My aim is to reflect on at least one thing a day, educate myself and my surroundings and raise awareness. A lot of individuals argue that vegetarianism is the ultimate way to go. However, despite not having any animal products myself – I still believe we produce a lot of waste and contribute to damaging Mother Earth in many ways, due to the following:

As soon as we as human beings start following trends or become increasingly in favour of certain foods, herbs etc. the demand increases and suppliers will be pressurised to come up with new “creative” ways to be able to produce enough. Which means that our herbs, organic oils, nuts (such as almond nuts) and so forth are perhaps in possible danger? But moreover, the Earth is in danger. In the end it doesn’t matter whether we have more refined oils or organic oils – as long as our needs and demands are high – Mother Earth will naturally go through a lot of pain. So we need to be mindful of what is right for us and what we need. Moreover, in a way our demands and desires to have foods from across the world has also disrupted nature’s natural ways. It is not for no reason that ancient healers used to stress on the fact that one should have only that, which is in season and that which has been grown in their surroundings.

For example, those who suffer from pollen allergy or hay-fever allergy, are often recommended to take natural honey, which was made in the area they are living – as that will lessen the allergy. Moreover, according to ancient healing systems such as: Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Islamic medicine and so forth; it is said that one should eat according to the elements present in his or her body. In Ayurveda the main elements (dosha’s) are described vatta, pitta and kalpha. Those who have a vatta composition should have a different diet and lifestyle then those for example with a pitta composition. Moreover, foods were also perceived as medicine in ancient times – where each imbalance (illness) had a specific counter remedy – that helped the body to move towards its natural balance again.

At home, for example, I do not cook with onion and garlic (for spiritual/energetic reasons), however, when one of us suffer from a fever, cold or the flu – we use garlic as a remedy, for it is perceived as a highly effective and natural antibiotic. In the end Mother Nature truly has a cure to everything – but it is us human beings who have forgotten it. The question I always ask myself though is, what if we always eat the same type of foods, what if we continuously have fruits and vegetables that are out of season? What kind of affects does it have on our body? Meaning, what if garlic is indeed strong and works as an antibiotic – what kind of affect does it have on our cells if we consume it everyday?

The problem is of course, that now a days, there are countless of studies conducted and each topic has perhaps positive and negative results. Therefore, I know that there will be many people out there who perhaps disagree with me and that is fine. The most important thing is, that we learn once again how to listen to our body and to act accordingly. And in order to do so – we need to learn to align ourselves to Mother Nature and listen carefully to her wisdom. Our compassion and gentleness towards the Earth and this world in general has really left us in many ways – so it is time to (re)-establish our connection with Nature.


Will you join me? What will you do for your Mother?

Perhaps Vegan Tuesday? or going through your cupboard? Changing your diet? Or simply by sending out a prayer for Mother Earth? Everything is possible:)

With my love & light,




Whilst she’s sitting in the kitchen on a beautiful Sunday morning, she decided to make some chai for herself for a change. The tea starts boiling and thus she starts to carefully adding the different spices and some ginger. She cannot help but to admire God’s grace when she smells the various type of aroma dancing in the air. Verily, we human beings cannot complain – for He everything in this Universe has been crafted till perfection. Wherever we go we are graced and so we witness   His presence in many forms: splendid colours, different faces, beautiful places; just like an ongoing and ever-changing majestic artwork.

When her chai is done – she pours some milk into the pan, as she suddenly hears a voice:

“My Dearest Child, this divine white nectar that was gifted to all His mothers on Earth you are using is stolen. The milk you are mixing with your tea is nothing but her Blood – white blood, filled with tears and painful memories. White blood that stained your hands and staining your heart – for you have contributed to the harm caused upon one of our Divine Mothers.

If only you would realise that many of your sisters are kept in captivity – a form of modern slavery, don’t you know? Forced-fed she is, while you are enjoying all that your senses desire. Stuffed with hormones she is, whilst you refuse the pill, because it is bad for you? Torn away from her new born she is! Whilst you want to spend time with yours? And perceive your rights to me more important than anyone else. You touched the ground beneath Your Mother – but your violating the rights of another? Don’t you realise?”

And they said:

“Heaven lies at the feet of your Mother”. (Hz Muhammad saw)

“Matru Devo Bhava,” Revere your Mother as God. Treat your Mother like a Goddess. (Vedas)

“You must revere your mother, who has brought you up with love, care and sacrifice. However famous one may be, if he/she does not revere their mother, they do not deserve respect.  A person whose heart is so hard that it does not melt at the pleadings of their mother deserves nothing but ridicule.” (Sai Baba) 

White blood is covering your hands, white blood is staining your hearts. Can’t you see? For each tear she sheds, He cries? For each time her precious child is snatched away from her, His Heart breaks again and again. Can’t you see the pain that she and all of her children are going through? Can’t you feel the pain of a Mother? A fellow sister? A daughter?

White blood is covering your hands, white blood is staining your hearts. Can’t you see?

She drops the chai and falls on her knees. With tears in her eyes she places her forehead on the ground. It is true, white blood is covered my hands, white blood has stained my heart – for I didn’t see their sadness, nor did I feel their pain. All I can do now is pray – may You forgive me – may all of Your creations forgive me – for I have indeed done injustice upon another souls.


I have been vegetarian for almost six years now, which is something that is very dear to me. Occasionally, my husband and I still used to have cheese and milk. However, after watching a few eyeopening documentaries during the last few days – I couldn’t help getting emotional. I literally felt as we are robbing mother nature and all of her creatures. It is almost as if we humans (and I am in no way trying to make anyone feel bad) – have captured Mother Earth against Her will and all of its inhabitants. We started putting them in small jails and force feeding them with things we would have never have ourselves. And whilst we have been stealing from Her over and over – our hearts got darker and darker – until we slowly stopped feeling any compassion towards Her and Her Children anymore.

Is it my ignorance that caused me to be part of what is perhaps modern-day slavery of my fellow mothers, sisters and daughters? I am in no way perfect, even being vegetarian doesn’t make me a perfect human being – because my choices are still not all made with awareness and with compassion towards Mother Earth – however, I do pray that the Divine Light may Guide us on this endeavour towards creating a more gentle space – a world where no one is treated like a means to an end. A world, where Her Belongings aren’t taken away from her forcefully. There used to be a time, where mankind treated Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom with much love and respect. Before taking anything from Her – they would pray and ask for Her permission, and only then they would carry on. But unfortunately those days are gone…

White blood is covering your hands, white blood is staining your hearts. Can’t you see?

With my love and light,



(Rishikesh, India – April 2016) 




Verily, the world is a result of the play of karmas. Once the karmas are done, the play finishes and that’s all it is. That is the only reason the world is the way it is – a global village, where there are families, people, relationships, societies, religions, places, events, health/diseases, happiness and sadness. All are part of the Divine Play created by Her Light.

You might be owning a company ‘in this world’, but yet you don’t – for the company itself is a mere mirage that enables you to discover your karmic imprints, learn life lessons, cleanse your heart, and remove the veils of illusions as you walk towards His light. It can also be said, that your company, your work place or even the connections you hold with your loved ones (be it family, your husband, your friends or co-workers) – are simply cords that temporarily tie us together – so we can sway on the dance of karmas – swirl around, round and round – until with the sword of discriminate, we free ourselves from worldly illusions and bondages and so we may dive into the divine ocean of wisdom.

When my husband once worked for a company in Norway, he asked me why certain individuals were present in the company he worked for. For their behaviour and ways were not correct, nor beneficial for the company. And thus he was wondering whether the company should have fired them, and if their negative ways would impact the company in a bad way. Of course, on a corporate level and (from a logic perspective), it is never a wise decision, to hold on to those who aren’t helping the company in any way. However, at the same time, one should never be bothered by others. Whether it is a lazy or unethical employee, a controlling mother in-law, or a negative friend – in the end, it is their journey and all a play of karmas. It is important to realise that, they are part of your life to finish their karmas and for you to finish yours. Thus, someone’s presence; no matter how much they annoy you, should never bother you – but should motivate you to ask why? Why is this person crossing my path, why does this issue continuously arise? What do I have to learn from this situation? Once you have learned whatever wisdom the Universe wishes to convey to you, you can slowly clear your energetic imprints, and then situations and people will naturally move away from your path.

Of course, this does not mean, that if you are the owner of a company or a manager, you hold on to all your employees – even if they deliver poor work, just because it might be your karma.  Nor does it mean that you just take whatever the world throws at you and keep listening to your negative friend. However, at the same time, your reactions, shouldn’t be based on irritations or uncomfortable feelings. Rather, it should encourage you to work on yourself and then let go of those who are not for your highest good in a peaceful manner – by either letting them be – or allowing your ways to separate. So both you and those around you can continue dancing the dance of karmas – until the song is finished.

With my love and light,


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Let us Honour

Let us Celebrate Our Divine Feminine Gifts

Let us Honour Our Moon Cycle – Let us Celebrate Our Divine Feminine Gifts

Over time, a woman’s moon cycle (menstruation) has been projected as something that is; unhygienic, impure and so forth. Moreover, along with today’s demanding workforce, it can be said that a woman’s period is not only a burden, but also something that holds her back and places her one step behind the men in her work environment.

Slowly but surely, the ancient teachings and the power behind a woman’s moon cycle has been diminishing and silenced for decades. Not only is it a topic that isn’t generally discussed in many societies, it has also transformed into something that woman are ‘supposed’ to suppress within themselves, to ensure that they can do as much as men can. This, due to the fact, that the ‘standard’ has shifted.

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With my love and light❤

Moon rumi 2

Tonight the Moon Kisses the Stars

It is my favourite time of the month again – the time where we are graced with the presence of the Full Moon! The moon, according to many traditions is linked to the ability of self-realisation; the art of becoming the Divine Light Himself. Letting go of all that we are, to become all that is.

So make the most out of these beautiful full moon days. According to Sufi Traditions, it is said to fast on the three days of the Full moon (the day before, on full moon day and the day after). Other traditions note that fasting or detoxing (eating very light food) on the full moon days actually assist your body to release all excess energy and toxins.

For women, in particular, the full moon energy is very important. Synching your energy and menstrual (moon) cycle with the moon (with nature) encourages good health, balanced hormones, enhanced fertility and gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into your spiritual self. So take this time to focus on your inner self. Whether it is whilst meditating underneath the glorious moonlight or simply while gazing at her beauty. Whatever it is that you wish to do – make sure that you do it with all your heart. Dedicate this precious time to your soul and move into the greater waters of love and serenity.

“Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.

You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.

This universe is not outside of you.

Look inside yourself;

everything that you want,

you are already that.”

– Rumi

As many of you already know, full moon is known to intensify our emotions and feelings. It is that time of the month (apart from our moon cycle) that we are extra sensitive and overflow with intense emotions. These emotions aren’t just there to annoy us or take away our control. They actually point out where your attention is required to heal certain aspects of your life, to release all that doesn’t serve you anymore and all that is excess. So just like the highest and strongest waves of the ocean occur during the full moon energy – our feminine energy becomes more intense, sensitive and restless – to bring to the surface that, which needs to be released.

The strong full moon energy can also be utilised to sweep out any energetic blockages, excessive energy, emotions, past wounds and toxins that weigh you down. Therefore, for those who are struggling with intense anxiety, sensitivity, depression, strong emotions etc. make sure that you use the full moon energy to purify yourself inwardly.

“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;

How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”

― Rumi

Thus, the more you release, that which doesn’t serve you – the more you empty your cup – and the more you can fill yourself with the Divine Light itself. Letting go of the old, makes space for new and beautiful energy to enter your life. In a way it can be said that God’s light is just like the sun, that shines through the moon. We too are like the moon. Filling our cup slowly – until one day we become Pure Love. It is for that reason, Rumi used to refer to Shams as His sun. It was Shams in whom he saw the divine, that was filling his emptiness with Divine Light.

Oh Shams of Tabriz,

How can I portray your allure? You are the sun;

I possess a hundred penetrating tongues, but none is able to describe you.

Rumi (D: 387)

Until one day You become the Light Her/Himself.

When self-realization comes to full circle, to its perfection; like the moon which grows over time from total darkness and non-existence to full moon, so is the state of fully realized human being.

(Ibn Arabi, 1165-1240)

May you all have a beautiful Full Moon, filled with lots of love, light and Divine Blessings.

With my love and light,


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Woman is the light of God

Oh Divine Mother – Please Send Your Love & Light Upon All

Oh Divine Mother, Please send your love and light upon all. The world is in need of your healing, your children are in need of your love and your gentle ways. As you swirl gracefully through this Universe, your every touch softens those hearts that have become hardened throughout time. Oh Divine Mother – it is time your light shines brightly again and your love flows through every part of our being. It is only Thy motherly love that can return the soul’s glow and hearts serenity.

Oh Divine Mother, it is you I see in everyone around me. It is You that is present in the circle of wise women around me. Verily, like Rumi once said:

“Woman is the light of God”.

To be surrounded by divine mothers in so many forms, is a true blessing bestowed upon us all. From those who are like my mother’s to my sisters across the globe – like shining bright stars they send me their love, light and guidance, whenever I need it. Like divine rain, they descend their blessings and nourishment from the sky to fill my cup with His light. And so I continue on my journey towards His light, whilst being supported in all possible ways – through all Your forms.

My Dearest Souls – The Divine Mother is present within each and everyone of you – ready to heal and share Her love with all of us. As a woman, I really acknowledge and value the support and love I receive from my fellow sisters. Women in my eyes are all like divine mothers : nourishing all of humanity, whilst sending their love and light upon tomorrow’s children. It is true, that our ‘feminine’ light enables us to heal Mother Earth. However, this remains incomplete if we ourselves lack love and light.

Even though, we are meant to share and nourish; we can’t do so, when our energy is depleted and when we are deprived of true love. Moreover, with today’s world being so increasingly demanding. It is important that we look out for each other. When our sisters aren’t doing well – our world won’t do well either. So be there for each other. Support those who are daughters, wives, mothers and especially those who are pregnant. Remember pregnancy and post-labour are very sensitive times – pregnant ladies and new mothers need a lot of love and support. Be that support. Support them on their journey of creating a beautiful soul, and help their mind, body and soul transition through different phases of creation, birth and post labour.

Support those who are in need of love. Support my sisters who are going through painful and traumatic times and heal their hearts. When you heal someone’s heart – you automatically heal the world. Our energies and thoughts matter a lot and as they create the world. So let us vow to heal; to heal ourselves, to heal our mothers, our sisters, our brothers and fathers. To heal all of humanity, and all of His creations. Use your prayers, your words, kindness and service for all. That is your gift bestowed upon you by the Divine Light.

So to all my Divine Mother’s out there – use your Divine Feminine Energy to nourish and heal the entire Universe. The world needs you – your sisters need you❤️. However, please remember that this does not mean that men are less valuable. Feminine energy as well as masculine energy is present in all of us. We all have a divine role to play in this world. We are all equally important. I pray that our feminine and masculine energies may be balanced within all of us. May our wounds be healed and our hearts softened and filled with Serenity, Kindness and Universal Love.

May God bless you all and Thank you. Thank you for spreading your light. Thank you for nourishing the universe ❤️ thank you for being you.

With my love and light,


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A woman’s strength and ‘divine love’ comes from her ability to connect to nature. All women in the end are like a Goddess/Universal Mother; filled with love, light, healing and nourishment, ready to shower their environment with compassion and care. However, when the source within ourselves is too depleted to even sustain our own body, heart, mind and soul – then how can we take care of others?
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With my love and light❤

Woman is the Light of God

If a woman remains ignorant and blind, can society progress fully? If in any society, the woman remains ignorant, illiterate and deprived of her rights, can that society or country flourish?
(Anandmurti Gurumaa, Shakti – The Feminine Energy)

Like Rumi once said, “Woman is the light of God” To me she is like an Angel; as it is the mother who is a child’s first teacher and our children are tomorrow’s future. Women are the core of each family, to educate, nourish and guide her loved ones. If we don’t allow our sisters/daughters/wife to flourish and educate themselves – we are actually jeopardising our tomorrow.

With my love & light


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