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A woman’s strength and ‘divine love’ comes from her ability to connect to nature. All women in the end are like a Goddess/Universal Mother; filled with love, light, healing and nourishment, ready to shower their environment with compassion and care. However, when the source within ourselves is too depleted to even sustain our own body, heart, mind and soul – then how can we take care of others?
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With my love and light <3

Woman is the Light of God

If a woman remains ignorant and blind, can society progress fully? If in any society, the woman remains ignorant, illiterate and deprived of her rights, can that society or country flourish?
(Anandmurti Gurumaa, Shakti – The Feminine Energy)

Like Rumi once said, “Woman is the light of God” To me she is like an Angel; as it is the mother who is a child’s first teacher and our children are tomorrow’s future. Women are the core of each family, to educate, nourish and guide her loved ones. If we don’t allow our sisters/daughters/wife to flourish and educate themselves – we are actually jeopardising our tomorrow.

With my love & light


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Join me on a New Endeavour

Dear Friends,

It has been awhile since I have last posted any blogs.  Today I would like to invite you to join me on a new Endeavour called ‘Anayah’ – a journey towards a better, happier and healed world. Moreover, a journey, which first and foremost, starts with healing and guiding our own selves – in pursuit of creating a beautiful and healed Universal Family.

Who is Anayah?

Anayah means God’s Gift, His answer to all of Humanity. Through Anayah World, we strive to create a platform for individuals around the world, that focuses primarily on addressing social issues, self-development through healing and connecting hearts together.

Anayah is a story of both you and me, a story that includes numerous individuals around the globe, finding their inner strength and Divinity – so that they may help their Universal Global Family across the world in return. It is a vision assisting women and men around the world  to connect to their inner selves – their true authentic selves.

Anayah’s main focus is to heal humanity and mother earth; leaving the world in a better place then we found it, to ensure a better and more positive future for our children.

Therefore, giving back to those in need, while sending out love, healing and prayers to all of mankind is one of Anayah’s main missions.

Anayah endeavours to connect hearts-to-hearts, and heal individuals around the world, regardless of their background, gender, culture or religion.

In addition, Anayah strives to assist and educate individuals around the world about self-development, women empowerment, soul nourishment, how to reconnect with mother nature and holistic energetic healing.

Please visit Anayah Nourish  to join us on a New Journey filled with beautiful reflections, realisations, divine wisdom, lots of love and light. This journey will remain incomplete without Your Voice – so share your voice and thoughts so we can together shape a Beautiful Tomorrow.

With Our Love and Light,

Reshma & The Anayah Family


Let Us All Rise and Unite

I wish the barriers amongst us would transform into doors – openings from one heart to another; without any questions, expectations or demands. I wish the social barriers would turn into dust and equality would be the new standard. A world filled with love and light, a world filled with unity. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in diversity and I acknowledge its value and beauty, but I am against separation and societal norms that divides us from one another and allows us to fail to see the humanity in those outside the ‘known’. I know the barriers and labels were created once upon a time for a reason: verily the Divine wouldn’t make anything happen in vain. Our labels and different nationalities resulted in many clashes and conflicts, but only so friction may arise in order for us all to grow.

However, enough of the divisions, enough of the labels. Let us all rise and unite. Let us all merge in love and become an ocean of magnificent colours and beautiful lights. A place filled with immense wisdom and unlimited kindness. Let us explore our uniqueness and cultural diversity with childlike eyes. May we be enchanted by the beauty that this wold holds, by the artistry of the Divine Light Himself. I pray that this world may transform and blossom like never before, allowing each soul to transform into a butterfly and heal the countless scars inflicted upon its soul.

Oh dearest Beloved, the Most Merciful, the Most kind! Vanish the barriers that were placed by the ego around us, lift the veils that covers our eyes. Remove the dust that stops us from perceiving the divine and goodness in one another. May we fall in love again and again, with You and all of Your creations, may we fall in love with all of life!

I pray my dearest ones, that His light may fill your entire being, with lots of love and light. May each cell within smile rays of sunshine and love into the universe. May we all collectively help one another, to heal and forgive and forget. May we leave yesterday’s memories as we walk ahead and hold on to a beautiful tomorrow: a tomorrow filled with the magical moments that we have all been seeking, filled with beautiful experiences and spiritual and philosophical moments. Most of all: a tomorrow that will vanish into eternity, with lots of peace, serenity, kindness and love for all of all of mankind. Ameen <3

With my love and light,