TO BE KIND IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TO BE RIGHT. Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks, but a special heart that listens.  (Simple Reminders)

I often think about this, especially in this time and age – where we are all able to share our voices, views and beliefs freely with not just our direct environment, but with our global family (through social media, our blogs etc.). However, at the same time, I believe we kind of have lost our ‘values’ or perhaps kindness, when it comes to online communication. I often see people respond in a negative manner, when they come across a post or blog, which they either don’t like or do not agree with. Of course, everyone is entitled to express themselves, but I often wonder – is it really necessary, to express our negativity? Can we just not ignore it? And what about the negative energy we send back into the world, by responding negatively?

Thich Nhat Hanh beautifully notes that everything we take in through our mouths, our ears (voices, communication etc), our noses (smell), the conversations we participate in (be it in-person or online) are also food. The question, according to him, which we should ask ourselves is: “are we consuming and creating the kind of food that is healthy for us and helps us grow?”

“When we say something that nourishes us and uplifts the people around us, we are feeding love and compassion. When we speak and act in a way that causes tension and anger, we are nourishing violence and suffering.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Therefore, it is important that we are aware of all types of nourishment we consume or send out to the world. Are we kind enough to our surroundings, do we speak with love and compassion? Do we actually listen to others, rather than just wanting to share our own thoughts and ‘wisdom’?

What we read, but also what we write (or convey to others) can help us and our surrounding heal – so we need to be conscious of our words. This also means that we need to be conscious of that which we feed to our eyes. The kind of information we choose to read, is it clutter or is it actually nourishment? Does it make us feel better, or anxious?



Climbing the Mountain of Life

Life is like climbing a mountain. It is not always easy, perhaps even tricky at times and filled with unexpected twists and unknown situations. Yet the view of life is so majestic and breathtakingly beautiful – if only we are able to remain a witness on this bitter-sweet path.

It is not about the height one can climb to fulfil one’s dreams of success or the desires we may be able to fulfil on the way. Pleasurable moments are indeed in vain and come all from the ego. It is not about finding happiness in our pleasures – but being content and in a state of balance and peace throughout the way. Moreover, it is able being able to develop our own personal ‘art of climbing’ or art of living life – where with every step we take and every move we make – we move beyond ourselves, beyond our limitations, desires, likes and dislikes. A  journey, which enables us to completely empty ourselves along the way, break our personal barriers and rise – from the lower self – the angelic self.. until one day, with God’s grace, we are able to Merge with His light.

Due to the strong presence of life’s illusionary matters – we sometimes get entangled in our so called unfortunate events, for often we aren’t able to distinguish truth from illusionary matters. At times we reside in the cave of memories, whilst at other times, we hide from our future fears in the cave where life remains frozen. Such caves are many, and all created by our minds – places many of us choose to build our home and live a ‘quiet’ life.

Until, brave and inspiring souls come along way – they don’t always have to be ‘the religious ones’ or the ‘spiritual ones’, but sometimes it just a simple soul that crosses our lives and as we watch them climb and overcome their hurdles with perhaps less ‘tools’ then we have – we cannot help but feel inspired or feel a sense of hope again. Today I felt something similar, since one of my dearest sisters is going through a very challenging time at the moment: she’s alone in many ways – with not a lot of social support, yet she’s moving forward so bravely, just like a soldier! She often reminds me of my parents, who have also faced their own share of struggles in life, but not once did they give up. In the eye of the storm, they would simply take God’s name, after facing loss, they would thank God and say, we still have food – in times of need, they would step up their game and just work harder. What makes a journey inspiring, is one’s ability to remain a witness throughout the good and bad times (and not stay stuck in yesterday’s memories). For how can we truly experience life, when we are permanently camping in our mind.

So next time, when life becomes too hard and difficult, just look around you – take a step back and become the witness of life again, the witness of your own self. Remember that God made this body vehicle, so you may travel through life. He gave you all that you needed, from worldly resources, to your talents and qualities – you are perfect they way you are, so love and embrace yourself fully. Recharge yourself with hope and faith, learn from the wise one’s and move forward with grace; not because the Divine Light will be on top of the Mountain. But because, He’s present everywhere and thus rejoice your journey in His name. Accept your challenges, knowing that He gave you the tools you need to ace them and derive the pearls and diamonds of love, light and wisdom from the caves of trials and challenges – to adorn your being, so you may shine as bright as a star – for that is what you truly are.

With my love and light,



Tell No One


Our sages and mystics always emphasised on the fact that we shouldn’t display our lives too much. Not only to protect ourselves from our ourselves (from the ego within). But also, because ‘nazar’ (i.e. evil eye, negative energy) is a real thing.

The Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)  said:

“The evil eye is real and if anything were to overtake the divine decree, it would be the evil eye. When you are asked to take a bath (to provide a cure) from the influence of the evil eye, you should take a bath.”

He also mentioned that after destiny (al-qadar ) my Ummah  will die mostly due to  Evil Eye.

Therefore the Beloved Prophet (saw) advised men and women to not flaunt their belongings or even beauty, but told everyone:

“be discreet in order to achieve what you want, for everyone who is blessed, is envied.”

(Saheeh by Al-Albaani in Saheeh Al-Jaami, 943)

This is why the Divine Friends of God advice us to lower our gaze at all times, for the slightest envy can harm someone else. Moreover, looking at this that do not belong to us, causes more desires within us. For we only realise we need something (which we don’t actually need) until we see it! Which is why marketing is such a big thing in today’s world.

In addition, it wouldn’t be advisable to constantly post images or posts about what is going on in your life, which has unfortunately become a common practice with the rise of social media. Whether it is the celebration of your marriage anniversary, or a day out with your loved ones – for you never know, it may hurt someone. Nazar (evil eye), isn’t necessarily done out of ‘hate’, but could happen to anyone of us, when we see something, we would like to have as well, or wished we had in our lives. Something we feel we missed out on and so forth. So by being discreet about your life, you are not only protecting others from potentially sending out nazar, but also yourself from receiving nazar or strengthening your ego.

“The reason for the evil eye is mostly because of envy (envy is to wish  for the prevention of bounty for another person, even though the envier  doesn’t wish for this bounty). The reality of envy is the result of  hatred and malice, which is the result of anger.” ( Fath Al-Haq  Al-Mubeen, 219)

“The  evil eye is like an arrow or spear that leaves the soul of the envier  and goes to the person that is envied. It afflicts the person envied at  times and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t afflict him, it is  because of the protective methods he uses (whether supplications,  seeking refuge, etc.) Also, when it doesn’t. afflict him, the evil eye  can return to the envier.” ( The Medicine of the Prophet saw – 138)

May we all stay safe from Nazar and protect our loved ones, and all of humanity of ourselves. May God’s light continue to guide us towards the straight path and fill our eyes and tongue with noor (divine light), mercy, love and compassion.




The Gift of Reflection

The world and all that we experience, serves like a mirror reflection of what is truly inside us. Experiences, events and people are therefore, kind of like a test – enabling us to ‘check’ ourselves, by analysing our reactions/feelings vs. a situation. It requires one to reflect upon him or herself and ask: How did I react?

Positive and calm or negative (angry, sad, anxious, fearful etc.)? If the latter, then we have to ask ourselves WHY? What exactly triggered our behaviour and why? This is exactly why mystics and prophets throughout time have always encouraged us to contemplate on life, and ourselves. So we may receive the opportunity to clean the dust within and heal any imbalances/blockages within our being.

 “An hour’s of contemplation, is better than the worship of 70 years.” (Hz. Muhammad sallahu Alaihi Wasalam)

Similarly , our connections with our loved ones, friends and even strangers serve as a way to analyse ourselves and can help us to purify ourselves more. How do you react towards others? Do you have the space to deal with other individuals? Are you just sympathetic, or actually empathic towards others? However, it is integral to note that, when we feel ’empathic’ towards others, we need to examine, whether we are truly connected from a heart level and thus remain peaceful, or whether their sadness is making us sad (and therefore ’empathetic’). If the latter, then it can be said that our emotion is actually connected to our ‘ego’ and should be addressed. This means that, even within ’empathy’, one can react from the soul or from the ego. When we react from the ego, it simply means that we react in an emotional manner, because that particular situation reminds ourselves what it would be like when it would happen to us. 

In the end, the ultimate goal is to remain centered in any situation. Being ‘sad or angry’ when someone went through something bad, isn’t going to help them (nor you), for the only thing you are physically sending out, is heavy and dense energy. Yes, it might feel nice, for the other person feels heard and acknowledged, which is important when we heal. But, it won’t help them to overcome the situation. Therefore, it is integral to be centered, to listen with awareness, to be there fully and to shower them with lots of love AND beautiful energy, so that, whenever they are ready – they will be able to rise above and embrace their own light again.

With my love and light,




A Holistic Perspective on Navratri

The Nine Auspicious Nights

Navratri, also known as the Nine Auspicious Nights, is a celebration in the name of the Divine Mother or Goddess Energy/Shakti. It is a time of reconnecting to our Feminine Nature to rejuvenate and rekindle our spiritual light. During this time, one is encouraged to rest and withdraw the senses from all (outer) impulses and activities, so that one can dive into the Universe within the self – through silence, meditation, fasting and prayers.

According to the philosophy of Arthveda, it is integral to maintain the harmony between one’s action, knowledge and will power. Action, will power and intelligence in return are the three main powers of the Human Mind, and thus, vital components to our overall Health and Wellbeing. One can say that during Navratri, we receive the opportunity to once again restore the balance of the Mind’s main powers and balance and centre the mind – as the Nine Days of fasting and prayers enable one to move through the states of delusion towards awakening, through the power of Action (first three days, with the Goddess Maa Durga), Will Power (day 4-6, with Maa Lakshmi) and Knowledge/Wisdom (day 7-9, with Maa Saraswati).

This is why it is also said that, Navratri represents the nine months a baby spends in the womb of his or her mother. Which marks a continuous process of change, so that upon the arrival of the 9th day (month), one can give birth to pure love and devotion.

The first three nights are also linked to the quality of Tamas (inertia, dullness, darkness, heavy, obstructing action). In order to be able to transition from Tamas to Rajas (energy, change, activity, action), fire is necessary. One has to awaken, take ownership and change one’s patterns of attachment, and release all energetic stagnation, imprints and forms of depression.

Once action has been initiated, one moves from Rajas (energy, change, activity, action) to Sattva (intelligence, virtue, stability, balance). In order to do this, one has to use the power of Will and surrender one’s pain, personal desires, individual hurts and sorrows – towards compassion and living for a greater good, for all of humanity. It is about understanding the wisdom behind ‘unfortunate events’, that pain and happiness are both integral for our growth and to be able to utilise one’s discriminative power (to distinguish illusions from the truth).

And finally to move towards Sattva (intelligence, virtue, stability, balance) during the last three days, where we move towards our Angelic Selves and embrace our higher spiritual self. To make ‘peace’ our dominant force and develop ‘joy’. It is a stage where we can move towards a higher space, merge with the Universe and devote one self to a Universal Cause.

One can say that the Nine Days of Navratri is like a Holistic Healing Journey on its own. Where one focuses on healing the body, mind and soul – through fasting, meditation and prayer. For example: Sharad Navratri happens during the transition between Summer & Winter – which is a sensitive time for the body. And thus, it is important to fast: to detox the body and to encourage healing, as one transitions to a new season. Moreover, fasting isn’t just to maintain one’s physical health, it also enables one to enhance his or her spirituality and raise one’s energy.

Furthermore, it can be noted, that one first has to focus on healing the self, before one can focus on healing the world. Through self-healing and taking actual Ownership and Responsibility of one’s  individual actions and path – one can move forward towards collective healing and universal consciousness & awakening.

According to Swami Rama, we cannot make our lives creative and helpful, without discipling ourselves, and gaining control of the mind, speech and action.

“It is important to make one’s life creative and helpful, but before doing so, one should make contact with his own potentials deep within by disciplining himself and gaining control over his mind, speech, and action.” (Swami Rama, Living with the Himalayan Masters. p.39)

Chandra Swami Udasin in addition, notes that:

“Determination is the power that sees us through all frustrations and obstacles. It helps in building willpower, which is the very basis of success and within and without. It is said in the scriptures, that with the help of sankalpa shakti (the power of determination) nothing is possible. Behind all the great works done by the great leaders of the world stands this shakti. With this power behind him, such a leader says: I will do it, I have to do it. I have the means to do it. When this power of determination is not interrupted, one inevitably attains the desired goal.”

Thus, it can be said that mystics throughout time emphasise on the importance of Determination (action) and discipline, which enables one to gain will power. Will power in return and taking ownership, allows us to gain direct experience – and only through direct experience, one can gain wisdom (intelligence), which can be perceived as the purpose of our life, since through Direct Experience & Divine Wisdom, we can Expand ourselves. And through expanding ourselves, we can one day become ONE with the Divine Light.

May we all receive the strength of determination (sankalpa shakti), strengthen our determination and balance our Action, Will and Intelligence (the three main Human Mind Power’s) and thus, be able to move forward towards His light. May we take ownership over all our actions, thoughts and words – and focus on the wellbeing and purification of our mind, body and soul – so that one day, we may move towards His Light in a beautiful and divine manner.

May God Bless You All

With my love and light,


** This is based upon my reflections and thoughts, and words of wisdom gathered from various Saints & Divine Beings. Whatever is right about this belongs to the Divine Light and the Saints, Prophets and Divine Beings He has sent forth. Whatever is wrong belongs to me. May the Divine Light forgive me for anything that isn’t correct and guide us all towards the straight path.


Swami Rama – Living with the Himalayan Masters

Chandra Swami Udasin – Song of Silence, Volume II.


Say No To Palm Oil

The more I read – the more I realise how unethical and selfish our world is, or rather WE as human beings are. We can’t even blame the companies – for they only supply based on OUR DEMANDS, which most of the time are made in an unconscious state.

One may argue that clever marketing and usages of addictive substances also play a role in our enhanced needs for certain foods and or things. However, in the end, we are the one responsible. Only we can take ownership for our actions and their effect on the world, our fellow Global Family, our Animal Friends and Mother Nature.

Palm oil is something we all use in some way – for it makes up 40% of the products (food, cosmetics, cleaning products etc.) sold at your local supermarket. So what should you know about Palm Oil:

1. Palm oil heavily contributes to DEFORESTATION. According to the “Say no to palm oil” campaign, every hour an area the size of 300 football fields is cleared in Indonesia and Malaysia, to make way for palm plantations.
2. Palm oil is slowly but surely leading to Extinction of Orangutangs, and hurting many other animals. By contributing to the usage of Palm oil, we are unconsciously destroying the natural habitats of many, many animals.
3. The palm oil industry is hurting a lot of our global family members by violating human rights!
4. Palm oil is very unhealthy – yet its in all your favourite snacks. So even if you don’t care about nature – avoid having it to stay healthy.

So next time you have a Kitkat, your favourite Hersey Bar or any other snack that contains palm oil – do realise, that while eating this (and pleasing your senses for a few minutes) you are contributing to Deforestation, Human Rights Violations, Harming and Killing of Animals, Destroying Mother Earth and Self-harm. Which each unconscious bite of food or usage of your favourite cosmetic – you are hurting many (including yourself).

Now many will oppose this, or simply ignore this, which in a way shows that as Human Beings, we are simply too arrogant. We clearly believe that our needs are more important than others.

However, let us never forget, that without Mother Nature and all of our Animal Friends – we wouldn’t even be here. Every animal, every being, every herb, every tree, every plant – every part of this Universe, plays its own role – and contributes to this place we call our home.

May we continue to educate ourselves, and our loved ones – and make wise decisions. To change our ways, habits and lifestyle isn’t always easy. This is something I personally experience and struggle with on a daily basis. Most of us, do want to make necessary changes for our health and the wellbeing of all, however, our desires (ego) are so strong, that we can’t seem to oppose them. So be gentle with yourself.

At the moment, I just moved from Vegetarianism to Veganism. This journey definitely hasn’t been easy. Since it is hard to find a diet that you feel comfortable with and to supplement your usual ingredients for something else. Moreover, sometimes our surrounding makes it difficult to find the ingredients we need – or to find healthy food in places where it isn’t available. And that’s really okay. In the end, what matters, is that we educate ourselves, so that we do not live unconsciously. Moreover, it is about creating awareness and igniting the fire within to make the right changes. Even when you commit to making small changes initially – it all helps! For example:

– Instead of regular chocolate – buy vegan chocolate now, the kind that contains no bad sugars, no soy, no dairy and no palm oil. Or when you are not in a rush, make your own ‘chocolate’ snacks with dates, almonds and raw chocolate powder at home! This only takes 3 minutes!
– Buy natural cleaning supplies (instead of the normal one’s). Did you know that regular laundry liquid powder is really bad for health? Imagine what it does to our little one’s! And even nature!
– Whenever you go to the supermarket, make it a point to read the ingredients. Try to avoid bad ingredients such as: palm oil, high fructose syrup, soy, refined oils and so forth. Or simply stick to natural food only (fruits, vegetables, lentils, quinoa etc.).
– Whenever you can, read up on which brands are ethical and which you should avoid. As consumers we do have a say! Moreover, share it with your loved ones! Educate yourself and others.
– Whenever, you feel the need for something ‘processed” (i.e. not made at home) – try to go for the least bad options: date bars, vegan chocolate, home made crisps and so forth.
– Buy organic, avoid pesticides and other toxins
– Buy recycled and unbleached toilet paper.
– Order your vegetables from a local organic farm/company.
– Support small Organic/Ethical/Fairtrade companies!
– Exchange your conventional ‘moon cycle pads’ for natural/organic brands. Or invest in reusable and sustainable pads (I have yet to try them!!) or in a moon cup!
– Read up on holistic health and holistic remedies and stock up on essential oils to use for health issues, to make your own cosmetics, creams and even to clean the house with!

These are the kind of things I try to focus on at the moments. Nevertheless, even for my ‘better choices’ there can be even better choices. Choices that affect the world even less. But it is a process and with God’s grace I will get there.

Unfortunately, our luxurious and technology filled lives, hasn’t really done as any good for any of us – if anything, it has made us less disciplined, lowered or almost diminished our will power and made us dependent on a lot of outer and worldly things. Moreover, it has moved us away from our true self – our connection with nature – the oneness that we share with nature and allowed us to forget the importance of being aligned with Mother Nature and her cycles.

I pray that the Divine light guide us towards the Truth – help us to enhance our inner strength, or determination and will power. May we become more responsible and take ownership of our lives again – so that we can together pick up the pieces of Mother Earth. Once we were all together as one – whole and complete.. all doing our own tasks in synch and in harmony – sadly that picture has shattered, and all that is left is a village of beings, lost in this big place.

With my love and light,



Eid Mubarak

Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is doing well❤

I started my day with a yoga session today, together with my dear sister! It is a wonderful and relaxing way to transition into your day!

I just wanted to wish those who are celebrating Eid today a Blessed Eid Mubarak

May it be a day where we remember to slay our own Ego (our animal nafs) and sacrifice our own selves and that which is dear to us. It is about letting go of our bad and destructive habits, letting go of our desires; especially the desire to fulfil our senses (to use food for mere pleasure, and not as nourishment for the body – vehicle that God has bestowed upon us).

May it be a day of Divine Remembrance and for all of His creations. A day where we once again vow to take care of our loved ones, our Global Family, Our Animal Friends and Mother Earth. A day where we remind ourselves to not fall into the trap of the ego and continue to live life accidentally and unconscious.

Today, once again – we choose to redirect our focus on ‘slaying’ our own animal nafs and nothing else.

May prayers are with the Entire Universe – for those in pain, for those who are suffering, for those who are in need – our Brothers and Sisters, the Animal Kingdom and our dearest Mother Earth May God’s love, light, healing and protection always be with you and may His guidance lead us all towards better and more compassionate & conscious times

With my love & light❤


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It Is Time To Restore Our Connection With All of His Creations

My heart is hurting today as I just heard about a recent incident in America. Another Person of Colour was killed, with as reason: racism and hate against our own. Have we forgotten to whom we belong?

People are just numbers for many of us – just another name, another face. We can’t seem to connect – their presence remains vague and blurry to us. It is like dust in front of our eyes, that we quickly wipe away, so we may focus on our feelings, our lives, our demands and desires.

Have we moved so far away from all of Humanity? Have we forgotten that ALL of us belong to God’s creations? No matter where we are from, no matter which colour He used to paint us? Our substance, our True Essence is all the same – We all belong to the Divine Light.

Our anger, our prayers, our sadness won’t suffice any longer – it is oneness that we need. It is our connection that we lack. Connection towards Mother Earth, connection towards all of our friends across the globe. Without connecting to one another – a deeper understanding cannot be made. And without understanding that which we don’t know – distance and fear will be left to brew poison into our hardened hearts.

Our inability to feel compassionate towards different forms of Injustice, is due to our lack of Connection with the Universe.

It is time that we should all reflect upon our actions. How do we feel when our loved ones are hurt? When someone we care about is harmed by others or has to go through injustice? Even when we witness hurt inflicted upon those across borders – those whom we can relate too – we feel pain, we feel compassion. But yet, the same pain and injustice inflicted upon those we don’t necessarily know – or those whom we feel no connection towards, whom we do not understand (no matter how innocent they are), we feel nothing. Sometimes it becomes a nuisance in our eyes – for we don’t want to deal with it – it doesn’t concern us, nor does it affect our lives or surroundings – so we simply brush it away. In contrary to injustice arising in our surroundings – that’s when we are suddenly triggered – that’s when we suddenly care, for we realise: this could be me tomorrow.

But does that really need to happen for us to care? Does pain and injustice really need to touch us and shatter our hearts, before compassion appears?

Perhaps, this is the very reason why most of us do not care about the effects our desires and wants have on mother earth; such as fast fashion and animal products. For all we are presented with is the end product (which are things we desire). Thus, we do not care how it came to us, whose blood is on it and who cried for it. And we do not want to know either, because we do not want to deal with the negativity that comes with it. We rather choose to stay in our bubble of our ego kingdom.

And this is exactly why we must restore our connection with our global family, mother earth and the animal kingdom. Not so that you and me may be stripped of our desires – but so that whatever choices we may make, may be done with compassion and love.

May the Divine Light bless us all with lots of love and light. May He open our eyes to see the Truth in all things. May He enhance our understanding towards all and all things, may He fill our hearts with His light and infinite Compassion & Love – so that we may all work towards a better world. A world where the needs of others are always honoured, before ours. A world that can become our sanctuary to rejuvenate our hearts and spirits with every step that we take.

The world today is a wake up call for all of us. All of His creations are indeed suffering and it is up to us to make a change and work towards better times.

With my love and light,



Please Remove the Veils of Ignorance

Ya Allah Khare Karein

Oh my dearest child aren’t you seeing what you are doing to yourself. You are threading this path in ignorance – Did God after all sent you to this world in vain?

My dearest child wake up and embrace the grace bestowed upon you. Don’t you see? Don’t you understand that this world isn’t a mere dream – that you claim as your right? But a divine blessing bestowed upon you? For He is the most Kind, the most Merciful – Alhamdu’lillah.

Ya Allah Khare Karein! Please open my eyes, open my heart to Your mercy. Fill our hearts with your Noor (light) and our Hearts with your compassion – so we may see things in their true light – so we may stop dwelling in the alleys of darkness.

Ya Khuda, please remove the veils of ignorance – for it is weighing heavy upon my being – and hardening my heart with every step I take.

It is true – for all that You have bestowed upon us – we have taken for granted. For all that was Your Blessing – we took as our own hard work – our own luck. Truly, how did we get so blind?

Ya Allah, Khare Karein! Please open my eyes and heart – and fill them with Your Noor. So that I may see everything in its true light.

Many of us are enjoying the comforts of our home. The safety it is giving us, the warmth and security. With pride in our hearts – we proudly display our belongings. Showing the world what we own – the things “we” worked hard for to achieve – that we carry on our shoulders throughout life. Our houses, our cars, our family, our degrees… but is it really us?

Ya Khuda, please open our eyes – so that we may see, that all that crosses our path – good or bad, is a mere blessing of You – the Lord of all Worlds.

The roof that is protecting you from the world tonight – might be shattered tomorrow. Those whom you call “Your” family – might return to Him tomorrow. Still, don’t you see? Don’t you see it is all His grace; mere blessings bestowed upon us, by the Lord of all Worlds.

When you walk outside – you might enjoy the beautiful buildings, the trees and the birds that are happily chirping away. Don’t you realise it is all His grace? For tomorrow, what was once a peaceful state – could turn into a nightmare filled with blood and tears.
Still, don’t you see? His love and mercy bestowed upon you?

Lost we are, many of us. Lost in fulfilling our never ending desires. From sweets to designer clothes – there are hardly any limits when it comes to our wishes and our demands. Have you ever questioned where they come from? Has anyone been hurt or cheated in the process of bringing you the goods and foods you desire?

Ya Allah Khare Karein! Please open our eyes and fill them with your light. Verily, we are all in need of your guidance and light – so that we may see the truth in everything. So that we may wash away our ignorance and shield ourselves from doing wrong.

Ya Khuda, please remove the veils of ignorance – for it is weighing heavy upon my being – and hardening my heart with every step I take.

With my love and light,


Sufi Diaries – An Hour’s Contemplation Is Better Than The Worship Of 70 Years

Sufi Diaries – An Hour’s Contemplation Is Better Than The Worship Of 70 Years

We all try to be the best version of ourselves. To be loving towards our family and friends, to be a good believer maybe, a good fellow global citizen or perhaps a disciplined seeker. However, how often do you assess your actions and behaviour?

What makes a good human being (or a good believer?) You might say, to be kind towards all, to take care of Mother Earth and to help others. Moreover, how many of us praise the Divine, Our Beloved Prophets, Saints and Mystics and vow to follow their ways in a perfect manner? Yet Their footsteps are never met?

Ramzaan is a beautiful blessing bestowed upon us, which gives us the opportunity to look within ourselves. To purify not only our body, but also our mind, heart and soul. However, in order to do that, one has to pause for a few moments and reflect upon one self, one’s character and the results of our daily actions.

An hour’s contemplation is better than the worship of 70 years”. (Hz. Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi Wasalam)

In the spirit of becoming more aware of my actions and their effects upon humanity, the animal kingdom and mother earth (as explained in my previous posts) – I have been trying to educate myself as much as possible and analysed the results of my choices. What I realised is the following:

  • Most of our habits (if not all), needs and wants are extremely destructive and harming the planet in many, many ways! Yet, hardly anyone wants to know.
  • This is mainly because, we (most of us, if not all of us, apart from the Divine Friends of God), are not conscious of our actions and thus fail to be aware of the harm that we are causing to our surroundings, the planet and the animal kingdom on a daily basis.
  • Due to the age of “convenience” (industrialisation, mass production and the rise of technology), we have all become more and more ‘lazy’ on a mental & spiritual level. Our levels of self-discipline regarding the ego (or lower nafs) has diminished tremendously (if not completely).

The question is when will we become aware of the consequences of the increasing luxuries around us? Don’t get me wrong – a lot of inventions have actually made our lives a lot easier and allowed us to plan our time more efficiently. However, where do we draw the line? And why should we have limits?

According to Al-Ghazali, a man of Good Character can be summed up by the following signs:

“It is to be abundantly modest, to avoid harming others, to be righteous, truthful in speech, and of little discourse; it is to do many things and slip up infrequently, to avoid excess, to be loyal, friendly, dignified, patient, grateful, satisfied, forbearing, charitable, chaste and pitying; and not to curse or to insult people, or to backbite or to slander them, and to avoid hastiness, hatred, meanness, and jealousy; to be cheerful and kind, and to love… for the sake of God.

Such is the man of good character.”

This once again highlights the necessity of self-reflection; we should all be able to reflect upon the effects of our daily actions. Not just on a physical level or worldly level (i.e. how does our modern lifestyle affects the planet, animals or our body). But also, how it affects our spiritual life: our  levels of discipline towards the ego/nafs, and our spiritual growth? It is only through the art of self-development and reflection that we can polish our heart and adorn our being with beautiful divine qualities (such as: kindness, compassion, humility etc.).

Moreover, one must question, whether one is consciously aware of his or her daily actions. Meaning: when you eat, are you consciously present? Or are you eating like a mechanical cat, wondering where the food has gone, once your plate has finished? Are you aware of each and every bite, and the way your digestive juices mix with the food, so it can nourish, heal and sustain your body? Or are you eating it quickly to satisfy your cravings and the tongue’s urge?

We must ask ourselves, whether we act out of our own will (the soul) or whether we respond to (the ego’s) desires, needs, wants, emotions and/or mental chatter? When you buy clothes, is it because you need it? Or because some advertisement or window shopping triggered an emotion within you? When you eat, is food your ‘medicine’ and thus you are taking ownership – or are you controlled by your desires to indulge in an explosion of flavours that last for but a few moments? Or perhaps your emotions needed to be pacified with sweet treats?

“If the first inward thought is not warded off, it will generate a desire,

then the desire will generate a wish, and the wish will generate an intention,

and the intention will generate the action, and the action will result in ruin and divine wrath.

So evil must be cut off at its root, which is when it is simply a thought that crosses the mind,

from which all the other things follow on.”


When you find yourself responding to life based on your ego’s desires, rather than acting with awareness and out will, you know it is really time to make a change. It is not for no reason that our mystics and saints throughout time used to tell us to lower our gaze. Not because the world is a bad place – but out of protection against the lower self. With the arrival of technology and social media – we are increasingly exposed to vibrant and colourful images – that do not serve any purpose – but trigger emotions and desires within. EVEN when you follow so called healthy recipes or spiritual posts about crystals and essential oils. Everything we see, triggers something within – and then we find ourselves wanting things more. Feeling the need to have things – we didn’t think of before – just because it looks nice or someone wrote a nice post about it.

Which as result, only leads to modern day slavery of the soul – being captured and oppressed by the lower nafs/the ego’s desires and never ending demands. Is that truly the way we want to live?

“Verily the soul becomes accustomed to what you accustom it to.

That is to say: what you at first burden the soul with becomes nature to it in the end.”


When I think about the stories about Our Beloved Prophet or Saints and Mystics throughout time – I cannot help feeling inspired and humbled by their lifestyle. Their strength to stay strong and not follow the whims of the lower self. Instead they had firm control over their mind and senses – their life was beautifully graced with the divine qualities of discipline and constant self-reflection. Naturally, when you are in control of your senses and mind – one will waste less time and energy fighting and following desires, thoughts and emotions. And thus, their lives were beautifully spent in the name of the Divine Light and in service of His people, the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth. They were very aware of the divine within all of His creations and went out of their way to serve, help and heal others. Which is simply beautiful!

Giving charity when requested (during specific religious times), praying or even fasting, isn’t praiseworthy – when the rest of your life is spent in ignorance. Because when we live in ignorance, our every step will be a possible sin – then how will prayers even help your soul?

And yes indeed, He is the All Merciful and the Most Kind. However, that doesn’t mean that we continue to close our eyes and remain blind. Continuous education, self-reflection, self-development and mindfulness of one’s actions is extremely important. Without that, our beings will continue to dwell in the dirty waters of our lower selves.

With His grace, we are all able to rise above and move towards our Higher Self at any time! The decision, however, remains ours.

“Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, since each of them is irreplaceable and, once gone, can never be retrieved.

Do not be like the deceived fools who are joyous, because each day their wealth increases while their life shortens.

What good is an increase in wealth when life grows ever shorter? Therefore be joyous only for an increase in knowledge or in good works, for they are your two companions who will accompany you in your grave when your family, wealth, children and friends stay behind.”


What would you do?

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a blessed and divine Ramadan 2016❤ God Bless

With my love and light,